The 48ers is a social project aimed at instilling values and developing leadership amongst youth from disadvantaged and other populations, through basketball training, tournaments and educational activities.
The program aims to promote the successful integration of Ethiopian-Israeli youths within the general Israeli society by providing them with opportunities to immerse themselves into an organized program after school. The program aims to raise a generation of socially-aware leaders who are strongly connected to their heritage, and who will go on to assume central roles in Israeli society.
The 48ers connects the power and skills of basketball to lessons of leadership, personal development, character building, and social action. Sports require and teach discipline, confidence, teamwork, patience, tolerance, etc. which are essential components of life skills.



The focuses on several main levels:    

  • Basketball training - improving physical abilities and fitness, instilling sports values, team building, and imparting healthy and sportive living habits.

  • Social-educational activities to instill values, team-building, getting to know the Israeli society, to encourage social activism in the community and develop leadership skills.     

  • Monthly basketball tournament between the project teams.

  • Volunteering in various frameworks - to strengthen the sense of belonging and social involvement - community.     

  • Guest lectures in relevant fields.      

  • End of year trip - getting know the country "By foot".

The project is divided into three age groups:

  1. Grades 7-8

  2. Grades 9-10

  3. Grades 11-12


The educational program in each group is adapted to the age of the participants, with the emphasis shifting from basic values and group formation to the recognition of Israeli society, 
social and community involvement, strengthening the spirit of 
volunteerism and contribution, and leadership development.



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