About the 48ers

The 48ers is a social project aimed at instilling values and developing leadership amongst youth from disadvantaged and other populations, through basketball training, tournaments and educational activities.
The program aims to promote the successful integration of Ethiopian-Israeli youths within the general Israeli society.


That's what they said...

"I absolutely love this program. It gives us a chance to be part of something big, and to get to know new people and new places in the country. They take us to real basketball games and that is another thing I love about the 48ers.. I am very pleased this program started and I heard about it and decided to join"
Nati, 13 years old, Jerusalem
"Until recently I only played soccer. Because that is what we know, in our neighborhood, and everyone plays soccer. Basketball always seemed like something that doesn't belong here, like we will never even consider playing it, but then came the 48ers people, and my friends joined the team, so I said: wwhy not' and joined too. And nowI dream of becoming a professional basketball player, maybe even in the NBA!"
Avraham, 14 years old, Kiriyat Gat
"In my town we didn't really have anything to do after school hours. Some of my friends used to play soccer, and the others just got into trouble regularly. The truth is I was never interested in basketball, but this year the 48ers program started in my school and I decided to join. It was only later I found out I really love basketball!"
Salomon, 13 years old, Hatzor Haglilit

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